Company Profile

Founded in 2003, today APK Identification is a well recognized high tech enterprise dedicated to the production and research & development of RFID tags and contactless cards. Over the past decade, we have developed extraordinary product lineup with independent intellectual property rights and emerged as largest manufacturer and exporter of RFID tags and cards in India. Our expertise lies in the manufacture of customized and difficult to make products like Supertags, Mount on Metal tags, Combined multi-technology Prelaminate and Cards.

Our Sales office is located at Redditch, UK and production and R&D facility at Noida, India. Our production facility which is equipped with state of the art customized manufacturing equipment imported from different countries like Australia, Austria, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, UK, USA etc.


APK-ID was founded in 2003 to meet the increasing global demand for high-end RFID products. Today, APK-ID is the largest manufacturer of RFID products in India, with sales offices in India and UK.

We are an ardent believer in Quality, our motto "Always the best quality" is backed by the commitment and passion of our 300 strong workforce. Ethical business practices and conformance to various International & European quality standards has enabled us to get ISO 9001:2008 and Arsenal Certification.

With our strong R&D capability, many years of experience in RFID products, we continue to expand our global customer base and have successfully established strategic relationships with major business partners across the world. APK’s presence can be found easily in various application segments like automatic fare collection system, automatic access, logistic tracking, livestock tracking etc.

Being direct & advance partner of semiconductor suppliers like NXP, EM Marin and Legic, we have access to knowledge which helps our R&D to achieve new breakthroughs in technology

Every company is only as good as its team.
APKID is fortunate to work with talented & hard working staff.

Our philosophy: Offer the customer the best possible service, selection, quality and value.

How we work?


Understanding the customer's needs and requirements is the foundation of our success. Our process allows us to understand our client's needs to optimize solutions, resulting in superior RFID tag performance, durability, reliability, size and quality.


Our experience, design expertise, and flexible manufacturing process, enable us to provide customized, reliable and affordable solutions to our customers. We design a prototype that meets functional and performance requirement established by our R&D Team or clients.


Once the prototype of RFID tag is approved by the client, we develop a high volume delivery process with uncompromised quality for delivering the tag on time.


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